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Irma Grese

Irma Ida Ilse Grese was employed at the Nazi concentration camps of Ravensbrück and Auschwitz, and was a warden of the women's section of Bergen-Belsen. Grese was convicted for crimes against humanity at the Belsen Trial and sentenced to death

Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey

Childhood photo of the latent sadistic monster. She claimed she was abused as a child. Of course this gives her the right to abuse others.

Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey

Photo of Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey, Gestapo of fear, relaxing at home before embarking on another campaign of Internet fear and terror.

Commandant Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey

Would you want this fruitcake around your child?

Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey

The face of evil. Compare to Ilse Koch below.

Commandant Harvey

Here is Cynthia in her neo-Nazi uniform waiting for her next victim.

Nazi Ilse Koch

look alike of Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey.


Ilse Koch was one of the first prominent Nazis to be tried by the US military.

After the trial was remitted under worldwide media attention, survivor accounts of her actions resulted in other authors describing her abuse of prisoners as sadistic, and the image of her as "the concentration camp murderess" was current in post-war German society.

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