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This site is set-up to expose Internet Liars, Lousy Politicians, Lousy Lawyers, and generally those who menace society.  


No 1 on the list is:  Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey, of Nashville Tennessee


Robert D Harvey
(615) 866-9839
3735 Bakertown Rd
Nashville, TN 37211-5001

Why is Cynthia Dale-Harvey No. 1 on the list of Evil Exposed?

Because she operates a site called Evil Unveiled.

Why is this evil?  Because Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey and friends are the Gestapo of the Internet.  Like Nazi Gestapo, she and her group of fanatic pedophile hysterics post lies, lies, lies, exaggerations, and misinformation on her site: Evil Unveiled.  So now she gets to be on such a site herself!

Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey is a pedophile vigilante and couldn't care less about checking her sources to see if what she reposts is factually true.  She  wants to victimize anyone she can find who in her twisted mind is a pedophile.  She assumes every allegation she can get her hands on is true, thus libels people as a kind of hobby.  She paints everyone she profiles in the worst possible light, thus apparently enjoys the propagation of hate.

She does all of this because she claims she was molested as a child and now finds catching pedophiles as a kind of therapy.  What she is doing is finding that ruining the lives of hundreds, even thousands of people, is enjoyable because she is a perverted sadist (see below).

Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey a is self-admitted alcoholic, bisexual, and gender-confused person.  So, naturally her lesbian orientation is just fine because it's technically legal (though certainly not everywhere), but someone else's orientation is a perversion because it's illegal.  She shows no sympathy for others who are like she: affelcted with a sexual "mis-orientation," (at least according to social norms) and cannot help what they are drawn to sexually.

True sexual desire for children does not conform to the conventions of most of the world, is considered very inappropriate, thus is illegal.  That's understandable.  However, most pedophiles mean no harm.  There is no malice.  And, they often actually do love the children they have sexual relations with.  That doesn't make it right, but it also doesn't make them "Evil."  They are doing what for them is just as natural as what lesbian Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey does.  The last thing they need is to be victimized by a vigilante who can't resist committing every legal perversion in the book:


"Hmm, dunno how vanilla this is, but I raped someone once. We were always messing around w/ each other in the car, but, for some reason, he just never wanted to actually fuck. So, one night, we were pretty much naked, and I threw my leg over his lap, and fucked him, even though he was screaming NO! NO! NO! Hmm. I guess I could've gotten in trouble for that."

She's a practitioner of BDSM and a sadist: "I've owned and trained several slaves in the past 7 years, and have been a sadomasochist for a lot longer." "You WILL suffer for my pleasure," she says.

The following is a quote regarding Nazi women who worked as concentration camp guards:
"One can only wonder, looking back from 50 years later what turned these women into virtual monsters. Was it their total belief in the rightness of Hitler's policies or did they possess a latent sadism or perhaps a mixture of both? It is terrifying the acts that people can commit when they are out of control and have no fear of the consequences. I suspect that these women thought that Germany would win the war and that they would rise in the regime. Typically, they viewed their prisoners as "dreck," the German for rubbish and as sub-humans. Therefore, the prisoners' lives and feelings were completely irrelevant, and it was just a simple matter of controlling them through fear and brutal repression. One wonders too whether they just became inured to the continuous acts of cruelty. Many of the people tried for war crimes insisted that they were just carrying out orders from above but this doesn't really ring true, either now or to the judges at their tribunals, when one looks at the acts of sadism that they visited on their prisoners."

Cannot the exact same be said of Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey?  She calls those she suspects of being pedophiles she finds in chat rooms "cockroaches," e.g., "They are everywhere, like cockroaches."  She's a self admitted sadist, She shouldn't care less about the lives and feeling of those whom she profiles.  She admits that she enjoys being cruel, thus she is inured to her acts of cruelty.  Is she not just a modern-day Nazi? 

On the left is Nazi war criminal Irma Grese.  On the right is Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey.  Could not one have stood in for the other?


Would you want your children around this mental degenerate?  There can be no doubt that Cynthia Jean Dale Harvey would be harmful to any child she encounters - much more so than any typical pedophile.  Just listen to Harvey get outclassed by a 14 year old boy, who views Harvey as being "morally repugnant" and "mind-numbingly stupid" -- And thank you sir; you have more maturity and brains than most of our politicians:



More information below:


Meet Cynthia Harvey, co-admin of wikisposure, admin of evil-unveiled.com

Cynthia Jean (Dale) Harvey (b. Feb. 28, 1965), a/k/a Cindy Dale, a/k/a "Rookiee," a/k/a "Determined PJ," a/k/a "Trillian Dent," a/k/a "Veronica," is a much-published transgendered sadist and slave-trainer, a contributor to the vigilante blog "absolutezerounited", the co-administrator of the now discontinued Perverted Justice 'parallel' website "the Wikisposure Project" and the administrator of it's reincarnation evil-unveiled.com, whose members are dedicated to "investigating" anyone who expresses an erotic interest in minors or anyone who had sympathized with or defended such interest.
To Cynthia, it doesn't matter whether anyone has committed a crime. She labels her targets as "pedophile activists" (with photo, name, phone number and address) in order to try to inflict as much private, familial and public shame as she can.

On PJFI.org (the perverted justice official website) the Wikisposure administrators also actively encouraged their members to use regular paper mail to distribute 'flyers' in their victims neighborhoods and they provided examples and templates on how to do this without implicating Perverted Justice or Wikisposure.
Their tortious behavior was further encouraged by the anonymity of the perverted justice members who coordinated to sent massive amounts of emails and Private Messages to all the friends, neighbors and relatives of their victims on social networking sites etc, using several 'blank' throw-away accounts to bypass these sites' spam filters. Cynthias harassments also included the targeting of minors and their parents - 'for the lulz' [*,*].

In many cases, these vigilantes were within their free speech rights in the USA. In other cases, however, their behavior violated various websites' Terms of Service, may have run afoul of state privacy and cyberstalking laws, and may constitute libel.
This blog, listing the identities of the contributors of http://absolutezerounited.blogspot.com and their vigilante ilk, will, at the very least, give these crusaders pause before they make unwarranted assumptions and spurious accusations.

The information presented here was provided by Cynthia herself on various websites under the various online identities she has used over the years. There is no way to verify whether her accounts of past or her present life are true, exaggerated or outright lies. Some of it seems to be the product of some rather twisted sexual fantasies, raising the question whether she has a little more in common with some of the targets of her "investigations" than she would be willing to admit .


The daughter of a schizophrenic mother, Cynthia and her two younger sisters were moved from place to place, attending no fewer than 23 different schools. Cynthia claims that as the result of her parents' separation when she was six years of age, she felt "forced into a father/husband role" which resulted in gender identity problems as well as a hatred of God. But her anger at her father, as she revealed in 2006, was not the result of abuse, but his emotional distance and refusal ever to believe that his wife (Cynthia's stepmother) was abusing Cynthia and her sisters whenever they visited. One weekend, Cynthia says, he came to pick them up and Cynthia told him "we couldn't go with him, because she had starved us, beaten us, and shoved things in our cunts on the kitchen table," but her father didn't believe it."He thought, I guess, that our mother put these things in our heads. When I told him that she locked my daughter in a closet once, while I went to a dr's appointment, he didn't believe me."

This is from a letter that Cynthia (supposedly) sent to her dying father in which she recalls how the stepmother
made us terrified of our own mother. I told the judge that I wanted to live wtih you because I was more afraid of my mother than I was of Sandy, which is about as twisted as it gets...

She humiliated us, publically [sic] and privately, and exposed us to ideas and evils we weren't old enough to comprehend. You know, she let us watch Sybil, which had the scene about the buttonhook, and it was long after/before that, that we were on the kitchen table, legs spread, having some kind of stuff poured into our private parts, listening to he talk about what all could have happened that we ended up with a yeast infection.

She made me wear RIDICULOUS clothing to school, and it wasn't a matter of 'this is all we can afford,' because it was not. A pair of cheap jeans at the thrift shop would not have cost more than the wedge heels, stockings and very short skirts that I was made to wear...

She did not feed us enough food. You were only there at dinner. This is the thing I have proof of. Stef and Kellye went from two slim, happy girls, to two fat, insecure unhappy girls in a very short period of time.... [W]hen we got back to mom's,...[w]e ate everything in sight. ... We all have eating disorder...

We did not get enough sleep, many times. She's wake us up and make us re-do chores we hadn't done just right, in the middle of the night. If we started to cry, she threatened us with severe punishment if we woke you up. She threatened us with severe punishment for telling you ANY of this.
She wrote more specifically about the "Sybil" episode:
We were NEVER allowed to stay up past bedtime (which was 6:30, weekend or not), but one night, she mysteriously allowed us to stay up and watch Sybil. That's not the best show for a 12, 9, and 8 year old to watch, but we were happy to be able to be up, and not trying to go to sleep while it was still daylight. So we watched it. If you've seen it, there is this part where Sybil's mom would do things to her genitals. That was disturbing to me for two reasons: 1. my mom would NEVER do those sorts of things to us. 2. my stepmom just might. So we went to bed terrified.

And the next day we were kept home from school. She had us strip and put each of us on the kitchen table and "examined" us. The examination consisted of a bunch of random poking, pinching, and general humiliation. She decided that we all had yeast infections, so she shoved some of those monostat tablets inside us, and made us lie on the table like that for what seemed like hours, holding our legs up and together. I guess I should mention that my step brother was also home, and was watching all this.

And here's where it gets really fucked up. The next day, she took us to the doctor and told him that she'd seen signs of abuse while bathing us. She had the doctor examine us, and he said yes, that indeed it looked like there had been sexual abuse. They blamed my mother for this. My mother, who we hadn't seen in over a month. And, of course, we weren't allowed to tell father about any of this. It was a secret.
Cynthia also has written about her obsession with hands and once wrote about an older man's hand going into her shorts and hurting her [@]-- which, she admitted later, may be fiction:
When I write an essay, if one small fiction slips in, the whole world tilts sideways and it's hard to steer it back to its course. I usually have to trash it and start over. I can't start my memories over, though, and I don't know if the hands are fiction or not, so I'll have to keep them and try to make sure they don't veer me too far off. I do look for them sometimes, when my environment feels safe and I have time to veer. Now is one of those times. But sometimes I look for them when I have no harbor or time, and that's scarier than the hands are. I wonder where I will end up, where the search will take me. I might go too far. Shhhhhhh, this is a secret. [@]


Cynthia (a social engineer and expert at manipulating people) is a former system and security administrator for redhat.com, and so is well-versed in computer security issues. [@]
Using the alias Rookiee (named after a podcaster she once targeted), Cynthia also blogs on http://rookiee.blogspot.com and contributes to the vigilante blog http://absolutezerounited.blogspot.com to "name and shame" people.

Absolute Zero and some of its members were sued civilly in Arizona federal court for defamation, copyright infringement, cyberstalking and harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and other tortious acts. [@]
Cynthia was not named as a defendant only because she has remained anonymous...until now. Whether she will be found liable for any of her organizations' torts is anyone's guess, but at least now those she accused will have the opportunity to call her to account.

Basically, I think she is defeating an abuser in her own life over and over again, symbolically, not just with every arrest of a real child abuser, but with every public pillorying of a non-abuser who she sees as an activist and facilitator. That would be all of us here, no matter how clean-livin' we are. My interpretation of her remarks follows the remarks themselves. Don't miss the irony of her saying, completely enthusiastically, that her first ever romantic interest was intergenerational! "Determined," in a nutshell, is a 40-something lesbian mother living in Biloxi, AL. She is an injured former musician.

Did it happen before she started dismembering dolls, or was the symbolic violence part of her reaction to the abuse she suffered? Or did it symbolize her own feelings of being torn apart? Iíve had many lesbian friends and they were often energetic and not made for dolly-play as kids, but Iíve never heard of one shredding dolls limb from limb before. The violence she must feel against her abuser(s) and all simulacra of that person can only be incredible. There is aggression in everything she says, you can hear it, even in ďbreffus.Ē And then suddenly you see where it goes when it canít sustain itself: drunk-dialing.

A self-admitted alcoholic, bisexual, gender-confused person, Dale is an outstanding example of the sort of exotic personality it takes to make a witchburner vigilante organization work in the modern age. It is already amazing that the organization she works for has any credibility, and one hopes her exposure will help to make the public realize that most players on the vigilante side are a lot freakier than those on the BL side. Never before has a defender of public morality freely published that she has enforced days of silence on her partner, sometimes gagging him by making him hold his own dirty sock in his mouth, and then restricting him from urinating until he has accidents. "


She's a practitioner of BDSM and a sadist, but "not a sensual sadist, using the definition that many people use online," "you WILL suffer for my pleasure," she says. [@]

"I'm a 40 year old top who lives in MS and TN. I've owned and trained several slaves in the past 7 years, and have been a sadomasochist for a lot longer." [@]
Not long ago she was banned from a forum chat-room for repeatedly talking about rape while searching for a 'mentor' to help her "deal with the idea that I want to hurt people I like." [@]
When asked why one would want to rape or hurt their partners, Cynthia explained that, as a sadomasochist, she enjoys "getting off" on the very good illusion of non-consent, though "i'd even wager that sometimes it's not an illusion." [@][mirror]
She has clearly found an outlet to let some of her most sadistic urges escape into unbounded real-world torment.

"Determined doesn't have much of a public profile, but to readers within the private forums of Perverted Justice, she is a very active presence, organizing BL board surveillance and campaigns to expose any and all BL site posters as 'pedophile activists.' She is noted for a particularly caustic and abrasive tone" [@]

Cynthia's alleged childhood abuse by her stepmother and her present fantasies of being a pedophiles's victim seem to be of a piece with her sadomasochism and desire to harm people. Wikisposure and absolutezerounited did not exist to do "justice" and very much existed to do harm. Cynthia relishes the emotional damage she is able to cause by "outing" people. She relishes the fantasies that people write online about minors as she sends those fantasies to her victims' families, friends and employers.
Outwardly, Cynthia claims to the BDSM community that she hates pedophiles because they are trying to latch on politically to sadomasochists.
("If you are a bdsmer and you sympathize with pedophiles because you, like them, are seen as vile and violent people, then you need to fucking get a clue. pedophiles are like fucking leeches, they'd like to leech on to what is ours, as sadomasochists.")
In her other life, as a pedo witch hunter, however, it is easy to see how Cynthia's self hatred (as a "vile" sadist who also entertains vile fantasies of being molested) was her main expression.

The sources linking Rookiee / Determined / Cynthia Jean (Dale) Harvey:
  • 'Rookiee' admits to being 'a bdsmer' on her blog http://rookiee.blogspot.com [1], after having previously written about examples of owning slaves and about how the BDSM activists, who were seen as abusers and violent people, succeeded in aligning themselves with the gay movement by "comming up with the "SSC" thing". [2] [3]
  • Listed as a contributor to the vigilante blog http://absolutezerounited.blogspot.com, Rookiee's blogspot profile briefly showed she also owns the blog http://relativesecrets.blogspot.com [1] on which a bisexual mother named 'Cindy Dale' [2][3] writes about her youth, her sisters, abuse by relatives, her gender identity problems, her mother Jean/Nanny, her alcoholism causing a break with her daughter Xi, and that she is "putting the BDSM stuff in another blog" [4]. She also mentions a house fire in which she lost paintings from her daughter Xi and all her books [5].
  • On Rookiee's other blog called 'Never Know' (http://noobsfixinit.blogspot.com) a mother links to an imageshack account and a 'gardenweb' account in the name of trilliant. She says "My daughter paints." [6][7][8]
  • On the purged blog http://trainerc.livejournal.com, a bisexual mother named 'C' voices her hate of pedophiles trying to latch on politically to sadomasochists. [1][2].
    She also says: "go read any pedo board" and "I've been doing a lot of volunteer work for a web org which works to prevent online predators from getting to kids in chatrooms" [3] and she links to an article on the perverted-justice website [4] as well as to her other blogs http://relativesecrets.blogspot.com [5] and http://bitchletters.blogspot.com [6].
    http://trainerc.livejournal.com also contains the URL to a photobucket account in the name of 'cjdale' with pictures of her traveling daughter Xi. [7][8]
  • A bisexual mother called TrainerC has nearly 5000 posts on the BDSM site http://bondage.com. She writes about searching for a 'mentor' to help her "deal with the idea that I want to hurt people I like." and her life as a sadist in the process of training a slave called 'zul', also providing pictures and the email address cindy@cableone.net. [1][2][3]
    Cindy regularly links to her 'invite only' blog http://bitchletters.blogspot.com which, according to her, is composed of emails she received from and while training her later 24/7 contractual slave 'Zul' a/k/a 'bob', a man who divorced his wife to serve her. [4][5][6]
    On this 'bitchletters' blog, Cindy links to an article she wrote for SimplyService, a monthly BDSM newsletter, explaining "how to train slaves for short term or full time service". This article is credited to 'C Dale', from Mississippi. [7][8]
  • A person named 'Determined' relayed a message from perverted-justice to the libsyn.org administration, concerning a podcast called 'pedologues' which, according to perverted-justice, violated the law by 'advocating adults having sex with children'. [1][mirror]
    Later in that thread, a member of libsyn.org says he reported the email address cjdale@gmail.com 'for abuse' [2][mirror]
    Elsewhere, a moderator of the 'podcast pickle forums' reports that paying customers of libsyn.org are receiving emails from 'C Dale', regarding "a group of pedophiles producing a podcast which advocates adults having sex with children". [3]
  • On her myspace profile, DeterminedPJ mentions being a bi-sexual from Biloxi MS, being an injured former musician (Arthritis stopped that @), a fire in which she lost all her books, and mentions a habit of drunk-dialing which, amongst many other details, are also present on the other accounts. [1][2][3][4][5] (:
  • Public records reveal a 'Cynthia Jean Dale' a/k/a Cindy Dale, born Feb. 28, 1965 from Biloxi/D'Iberville [1]
  • As apparent on both their facebook and other accounts, Cynthia married her slave Zul a/k/a Bob Harvey in 2010, and they bought a house in Nashville TN. [@][@][mirror]
  • Further research leads to multiple accounts and aliases with more information and matching details.

Known aliases:

Veronica, DeterminedPJ, Determined, Rookiee, C, Cee, Dee, C Dale, Cee Dale, cjdale, Cindy, Cynthia, Green, TeaTimeGreen, lookin, Silly, Silly1, Sillyhead, southernnsick, TrainerC, Trilliant, Trilliand, Trilliandent, Trillian Dent, Trilldo, Trill, DeepSouth

Known accounts:
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1825962124 [trillian dent]
http://www.blogger.com/profile/11650362427137553573 [mirror]
http://myspace.com/determinedPJ (determinedPJ@yahoo.com)
http://relativesecrets.blogspot.com [mirror1]
http://noobsfixinit.blogspot.com/ (also called 'Never Know') [mirror]
http://myspace.com/cindyinbiloxi [mirror][blog]
http://www.facebook.com/people/Cee-Dale/100001454241089 [mirror]
http://photobucket.com/albums/h170/cjdale [mirror]
http://myspace.com/178233038 (cindy@cableone.net)
http://trainerc.livejournal.com [unpurged]
http://bitchletters.blogspot.com [bypass 'invite only']
http://www.bondage.com/u/1490295/user.html [mirror1][mirror2]
http://www.collarme.com/TrainerC [mirror]
http://trainerc.femdommesociety.com [mirror]
http://photobucket.com/albums/ae93/Trilldo (Trilliandentwows@gmail.com)
http://profile.imageshack.us/user/trilliant [mirror1][2][3]
http://sillyhead425.livejournal.com/profile (cdale@techmonkeys.net)
http://raskeptic.blogspot.com (letstraddle@gmail.com)
http://www.hipforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?p=6863508 (TeaTimeGreen)
http://www.rainbowgatherings.org/profile/Green?xg_source=activity (Green)
http://www.hystersisters.com/vb2/showpost.php?p=3484829&postcount=1 (southernnsick)
http://wbe001.mibbit.com/?&server=irc.skepticsrock.com&channel=%23chat (SillyHead)
http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=206572 (SillyHead)
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=683903025 (Bob Harvey new account)
http://www.websleuths.com/forums (sillyhead, banned)

Updated Feb 23 2012: (c-69-137-94-155.hsd1.tn.comcast.net)
(leads to her husbands computer and personal website)

Active email:

Married to and living with:
Robert D Harvey [@] a/k/a 'slave Zul' [1][2]

Robert D Harvey
(615) 866-9839
3735 Bakertown Rd
Nashville, TN 37211-5001

Shortly after the information here was made public in Sep. 2010, the owner of Perverted-Justice (Xavier von Erck) removed 'the wikisposure project' from the PJFI.org list of websites and took the wikisposure server off-line, because of "issues between volunteers and inevitably, drama."

Cynthia then helped put together evil-unveiled.com [1] of which she is also the administrator. [2] [3]
She was recently interviewed by www.Ketv.com where she used the alias "Veronica" [4]

Additional quotes from Cynthia:

BDSM bloopers [@]:

"Oh my GOD! These are some funny stories. (: My biggest blooper happened during a "rape scene." He came home from work, I pounced him and started beating the crap out of him with my belt. It was kind of dark, but I knew I hadn't hit him in the face or anything, but he started really screaming and yelling (which was rare, he just didn't do that), so I stopped to see what was going on, and doh! I was hitting him with the buckle end of the belt. I just turned it around and kept going"


Your hottest (vanilla) sex experience? [@]:

"Hmm, dunno how vanilla this is, but I raped someone once. We were always messing around w/ each other in the car, but, for some reason, he just never wanted to actually fuck. So, one night, we were pretty much naked, and I threw my leg over his lap, and fucked him, even though he was screaming NO! NO! NO! Hmm. I guess I could've gotten in trouble for that."



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